Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cape Breton Snow Crab License Protest

Paul Fraser's proposal for a Snow Crab License (Scotia-Fundy Region) was ignored by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia because of political discrimination.

Read more on Paul Fraser's Fisheries and Oceans snow crab license protest that was shown on CTV News Halifax. Also check out "Protester climbs on roof of Sydney fisheries office" in The Chronicle Herald.

"You're right Paul, politics has no place in the decision making process at DFO"
This statement was quoted to me in person, from a high profile member of parliament, Michael Ignatieff, former Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

2 - Cape Breton Snow Crab Licenses given out to Fishermen (neighbours) from Glace Bay, Cape Breton both connected to politics.
2 - Snow Crab Licenses were to be shared with the "Groundfish Dependent Fishermen" and the "Glace Bay Fishermen's Association."
1 - Snow Crab License holder is the former President of Local 6, "Maritime Fishermen's Union", President of the "Harbour Authority of Glace Bay", representative for the "Area 23 Snow Crab Fishermen" off Louisbourg, representative for the "4VN Community Management Board" - Halibut Fishery, the former Director of the "4VN Sentinel Fishery Association" and his family has ownership in a "Dockside Monitoring Company" administered through DFO.
1 - Snow Crab License was contested in the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia by the "Glace Bay Fishermen's Association."
Another Snow Crab License was given out by the former Minister of Fisheries Loyola Hearn to a Inverness, Cape Breton Fisherman (Gulf Region), non-resident also connected to politics.
Criteria implemented by DFO for obtaining these lucrative Snow Crab Licenses changed to favor current license holders.

Joint Project Agreements

Joint Project Agreements (Contracts) signed by DFO and all of the Snow Crab License holders are fraudulent based on a breach of DFO policy.

Meetings held in Sydney, Nova Scotia by DFO to discuss the development of the "Slope Edge Snow Crab Fishery" off Louisbourg were void because they lacked "no minutes" or "terms of reference."

DFO mailed out invitations to certain fishermen and fish plants contrary to the "New Emerging Fisheries Policy." Meetings with a local politician to request influence.

And the Department of Fisheries and Oceans call this TRANSPARENCY?

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